Goldcrest Valley II Map v

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About mod:
* Farm Silo’s now store everything but woodchips
* Added Fuel Tank at the main farm area for refueling
* Revamped the farm area
* Revamped farm silo's to make them appear to be able to hold everything but woodchips
* Major adjustments to terrain and vegitation (still needs more adjustments)
* Fixed Fill limits on all silos/holding areas
* Integrated the mod Placeable Refill Tanks
* Intergraded mod Chopped Straw For Harvesters
* Added Seeds and Fertilizer placeable already on map
* Added 4 Water Pump stations one at each animal area and one at Main Farm
* Added 2 additional cow silo’s
* Moved cow zone to farm area
* Moved sheep zone to farm area
* Moved pig zone to farm area
* Old sheep and pig areas are now open fields to be used for whatever
* Field’s have less perfection to make them feel more realistic (needs more work)
* Added modded placeable’s (Workshop, Pole Barn)
* Field 24 is set as player owned
* Added pig food sell point at pig zone
* Extended Train Cars (x2 Of Each Car)
* Added Flood Lights To Cow Silos, Farm Silos, and Fuel Tank (Placeable Items)

Giants, McKnight

2 thoughts on “Goldcrest Valley II Map v

  • Mario says:
    2017-12-23 at 17:18

    it doesn’t work

  • RichyRich says:
    2017-12-28 at 22:14


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