Goldcrest Valley Map by GFC v 1.0

FS17 mods

goldcrest-valley-map-by-gfc-1 goldcrest-valley-map-by-gfc-2 goldcrest-valley-map-by-gfc-3 goldcrest-valley-map-by-gfc-4 goldcrest-valley-map-by-gfc-5

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About mod:
- Basic Structure the Court revised
- Brought out Reset point of Vehicles for Hof
- Floor Structure replaced with asphalt
- Hall package installed
- Offset Hofsilo for more space
- Second installed Silo, potato, sugar, woodchips, straw, grass, hay and mixed rations on the Farm
- Installed courtyard gas station
- Straw selling for space and optical offset (between field 14 and 15)
- Optics and decorative works
- Brought cowshed to the court (formerly section 19)
- Added former cowshed to the Field 26
- Garaging the cow shed
- Brought sheep to the court (field between 12 and 14)
- Created new dirt road to the pigs
- Created new dirt road to BGA

Giants, GFC_Elo

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