Goweil LT Master v 1.0

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About mod:
Goweil LT Master is THE Baler-Wrapper combination.
Chaff, grass, hay, straw, wood chips and manure can be fully pressed into bales and wrapped, for convenient storage purpose and better yield.
All type of bales can be sold to default sell trigger.
This mod add global function to open bales and tip to ground the materials.
Bale net and wrap foil pallet available in the store, also pallet tank with silage additive can be bought for a better silage quality.

Team FSI Modding

3 thoughts on “Goweil LT Master v 1.0

  • Mirandasman9497 says:
    2017-06-22 at 04:23

    This mod looks nice in videos but on my pc I go from a solid 30fps to 1 fps and it takes ten minutes to sell it an once it’s sold my fps immediately jumps back to 30fps

  • SupreDomingo says:
    2017-06-28 at 01:58

    WOW! How you make COTTON BOLLS WITH THIS MOD???? https://youtu.be/WTfz2VJdh28?t=6m51s

  • Tornare says:
    2017-08-21 at 13:10

    It’s cool

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