Greenhouse Advanced v 1.5

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About mod:

More interesting, time consuming and profitable greenhouse options.

– Growing plants using the Kratky method.
– The seeds are planted in fine gravel and lime is used as a source of calcium. Food is prepared from a complex fertilizer with microelements. A lot of water is required as the stone substrate has a low moisture holding capacity.

– Growing plants by natural farming.
– The seeds are planted in wood chips, lime is used as a deoxidizer and as a source of calcium. Food is prepared from manure by fermenting the masses. Plants are mulched abundantly with fresh grass to create a burning effect, which prevents weeds from germinating, keeps the substrate moist and additionally nourishes the plants as they decompose.
– A small greenhouse has a great economic attractiveness compared to hydroponics, about 20%, but the volume of warehouses and works casts doubt on this advantage.
The average greenhouse is about 15% more profitable than hydroponics. A little better than a small greenhouse.
– A large greenhouse will yield more profit than hydroponics by only 10%. If you have a surplus of grass, wood chips and manure, then this is a good way to recycle them.

Version 1.5:
* Added Lighting in all Greenhouses
* Small Permutations of Markers


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