Hermanns Eck Map v 2.0

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About mod:
Main Courtyard 1:
- Cowshed Pigs, Chickens, Workshop, Bale Storage for Hay and Straw and much more

Main Courtyard 2 (Bernie's Bichlerhof):
- There is also a Pasture on the Map for Cows to graze in Summer

Pig Yard:
- Invite You to discover the Newly Built Area for Yourself

Horse Breeding:
- This was mainly used in the 17th century, now You can also use this as a Sales Point as well as a Playable Horse Farm

- In Addition, there is a Sheep Fold on the Map and an open Sheep Pasture for Farming, with it even as a shepherd there is plenty to do.

Selling Points:
- Agricultural Trade
- Gold Ox Brewery
- Raiffeisen
- Aldi and Dairy

Buying Points:
- You will find sales outlets for Lime, Seed, Fertilizers etc. at the Various Dealers, for example the large Agricultural Trade where You can, for example, fill Seeds directly, or Shovel out of the Halls Yourself

- If You want to Start in Multiplayer, You can use larger Machines here in a Apacious Area build up a Vehicle fleet

- 200 KwH BGA installed with Spacious Silos

Version 2.0:
* Dear Aekzl has taken an incredible amount of time and eliminated all errors reported so far


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