Hof Bergman Reloaded Map v

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About mod:
- Season Mod Ready
- New animal species
- Unused areas were built
- Cabbage, lettuce and tomato harvest
- New secondary order
- New production facilities
- Independent cow pastures with milk production
- Village shop
- Town hall with extensions
- New shop objects especially for the map
- Buyable land including a large building land for placeable items (like the strawbergs addon, for example)
- Pallets Spawner in apple plantation on several trees pushed higher (crates flew sometimes through the air)
- Hof Tankstelle Drescher could not be filled (fixed)
- Biodiesel Refinery Drescher could not be refueled (fixed)
- Butter barrels Colli again as with version
- HofBergmann.lua fix (changeFillTypeValues)
- GMKFC Mod (new version)
- Vehicle splines slightly adapted especially at the gas station
- Field missions removed in 2 fields which should not be pure (field 2 and field 13)

Farmer Andy

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