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About mod:

* Removed the water withdrawal with a bucket from the rainwater tank (made the water withdrawal with a trailer again too cumbersome)
* Field dimensions on field 16 revised (if you made a field out of the meadow, the trees stood on the field)
* Collis removed in the wind strip (transition to the new map area)
* Tip Collis further revised on some walls
* Added tip colli in the pigsty so that the manure can no longer be driven as wide
* Map Rand Colli adjusted to field 21, was a bit too far in the field
* Error message in log for cheese (cow) fixed, occurred when the cheese was fastened with tension belts
* Faulty TipGround Collision in the new area fixed (nothing could be tipped over and no swaths of grass were displayed)
* Mixed feed bale wrapper Fixed problems with balers from the Claas DLC
* Clip Distance slightly adjusted (individual buildings and fruit trees)
* Chicken feed BigBag fixed, when rye was filled an empty BigBag appeared on the BigBag Max but this could not contain any rye
* Sales prices of the production goods revised, a realistic value was determined
* Honey bucket, strap support added
* Harvest speed of the fruit trees increased somewhat
* Corrected the pallet spawners at flour mill (flour production), the number of bags that can be spawned at the same time is now 8 pieces
* Removed percentage displays from the portable objects, the percentage display is no longer required due to an extra mod from Ifkonator
* Double driving silo at the yard, compression time increased again
* Added fruit press, so apples can now be pressed into apple juice. The fruit press can be bought in the shop
* Fillable wooden barrels added to the shop, is required for juice filling with the fruit press
* A dog can now be kept on the farm and on the plantation. There are 2 dog breeds to choose from, feeding is also possible but has no particular use, these dogs are only decorative
* Horse ranch 2, sales point optically adapted
* Smaller optical details improved
* Further languages ​​added, Polish and Russian
* 2nd lamp installed in the milk house
* Wine cellar built in, so you can also make apple cider from apple juice. The basement is behind the farm house
* Sinking depth of chopped material (maize) reduced, vehicles were too deep in the pile
* New point of sale at the church for bread and wine (sales only possible between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m
* Fixed wall colli on the farm house

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