Hopfach Map v

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About mod:
* Processed pallets
* Fixed Terrado's mission error
* Grass, hay and straw capacity increased to 500000 liters for better seasons experience
* Woodshop fixed price, as the selling price was not intended
* Seedmaker reduces grain consumption to 65% to make trading possible among players
* Pure dairy farms adjusted milk production
* Lime filling increased from 1000 l / h to 6000 l / h
* Courtyard 4 adapted the middle water trigger at the greenhouses
* Field 75/76 tree collision adapted that only the tree has collision
* Pallet production in Reinsberg set the trigger lower
* Hof 10 milk trigger adjusted that now milk can be picked up, as the 2 slurry triggers are fixed
* Flour filling now no longer requires field 99
* Carton production set the pallet trigger lower
* Hof 16 Milk and manure triggers adjusted
* Honey milk production pick-up trigger adjusted
* Flour filling pallets associated with consumption of the correct production
* Dairy farms have been given alternative feed for Seasons bottlenecks
* Sheep farms can now also buy alternative feed (pellets) for Seasons
* Weaving now also accepts cotton
* Butchery in Otterbach now takes cardboard instead of empty pallets at the Angus, as it was intended
* Concentrated feed mixer adapted from input consumption
* Pig feed mixer reduces crop consumption
* Fixed more flying trees
* Sawmills slight changes
* Pallet productions input slightly adjusted
* Farm 7 calves trig adapted
* Mission vehicles adapted to the hop compartment
* Farm silos - added missing fruit and added lime for performance reasons, no extra silos need to be built

Lunchbox, KevinK98, GTX, FarmerAndy, Blacksheep, Blacky_BPG, Marhu, igor29381, Xentro, Ifko[nator], Slowtide63, Kastor, Kobold Koby, BaTt3RiE, Susi, Eribus, GMCW

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