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About mod:
In the yard are various storage and production buildings. Grain storage, Grascob's camp, water tank, fertilizer, liquid fertilizer and seed storage, straw and hay warehouse, gas station, slurry separator, cow and sparkling food mixers. Grascobs are the grass replacement in winter, and can be produced in the Eifok country trade.

On fields you can grow as desired cereals or Erdfri. There are 3 large forest areas, in two there is a loading crane for tree trunks available. There are numerous production and sales points in and around the villages of Wachenheim and Bregloffhorst:
- Sugar beet factory> Sugar production> Lime
- Potato factory> french fries production
- Sawmill> board production
- Brewery> Bottling
- Dairy> Dairy products
- Mill> flour production
- Packaging Production - Compost Production - Fertilizer, Liquid Fertilizer and Seed Production -
- Grasscobs Production - Vineyard - Winegrower - Bottling Plant - Fishing - Butcher - Spinning -
- Edeka - Inn - Toom - Station - Country Trade - Bakery - Circus
- Three trains are available at the station - one carries logs for sale in another area. The other two are used to transport crops, crops and tree trunks.
- In addition, there is a sale of pallets at the station and one shipment each for potatoes and sugar beet. In addition, seed and (liquid) fertilizer can be produced here.
- Potatoes and sugar beets can be delivered to the respective outlets both by trailer and by train.
- Many factories need pallets and cartons or even pallets to produce their products.
- Two gas stations compete in price, which can be read in the office.

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2 thoughts on “Hot Online Farm 2K17 Map v 1.0

  • AMGGamer02 says:
    2017-11-05 at 11:14


  • BlackThumb says:
    2017-11-06 at 01:59

    Pity you needed to use profanities in your decals…. would have made an excellent map.

    Maybe you need to get rid of the kiddie that made the decals, and yes, I understand and can read German!

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