Irgendwo in Thuringen II Map v

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About mod:
- 121 Buyable Plots (for the old rich and those who want to become one)
- 60 Fields of all Shapes and Sizes (for young and old and for all those who like to work)
- 40 Forests (for all Woodworms, Tree Cuddlers, Chainsaws and Pissers)
- 16 Meadows (not only for Vegetarians and Flower Children, also for Green Lovers)
- 5 Sales Points (on which wealth grows and the Vehicle Fleet increases)
- 3 Lakes for Water Extraction (Water Mermaids have been sighted, but are bitchy)
- 2 Purchase Points for Fertilizer, Seeds and Lime (more Yield, more Money)

* Bug fixed
* Lime works installed
* Cider Factory installed
* Gravel pit installed
* Global Market installed
* Sawmill (Kastor Sawmill Pack) installed
* Slaughterhouse built
* Manure System by wopster ready
* Maize Plus Forage / Horse Extension by The-Alien-Paul / Modellicher ready
* Certified Fill Types
* Autoload SP / MP items, no need to exchange the XML
* Wineyard
* Winery
* Manure / Compost Factory
* Large Scale Nursery (Tomatoes, Lettuce)
* Feed Factory
* Spoonbill Building Materials Center
* Horse Paddocks to buy (Muntscha and Zickra)
* Hof 1 New Cowshed / Trioliet Feeding System compatible
* Hof 3 New Cowshed / GEA Feeding System compatible
* Complete Map Foliage Layer / Decoration revised
* Marker for Teleporting to Individual Productions
* Dynamic Construction Sites at Different Locations during the Seasons
* Christmas Market Decoration in Winter (only under Season)
* Adapted Vehicles / Tools (DSA Category in the Shop)
* Animated Gates and Flaps on the Silos, only visual Effect
* Schmitz Cargo Bull Cool Trailer included separately in the download
* Separately in the download MKS32 Manure Hose ready Trailer for Various Fill Types
* Separately in the download Rumbler Van with cold Room


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