Islands from Vaszics Map v 1.5

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About mod:
Version 1.5:
* For Storage 1-2-3 storage units, charging and emptying the vehicle has been installed behind the silos. Several people have indicated that the trigger on the road interferes with the courseplay operation.
* The milk sales trigger has been installed in the city. It is marked on the map
* Align the floating tractor with the parking object
* Improving the internal structure of the map
* Repairing PDAs
* Smaller landscaping
* Form and content improvement of liquid storage
* Claas Lexion Pack mode has been added to the proposed basic machines (for a new game). The essence of this is that the combine harvester and the trailer can be connected directly to each other and the straw picking is solved directly, no follow-up mode is required. The cutting head is delivered with a tractor. This tractor will later be able to pull straw filled trailer.
* Smaller landscaping


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