John Deere 1720 16R30 v 1.0

FS22 mods

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About mod:

– Working width 12 meters
– Working speed 15 km/h
– Realistic vacuum air blower Sounds
– Realistic folding animations
– 20/20 AirForce pump
– Configurable No Till with Row Cleaners
– Configurable liquid or dry Fertilizer + herbicides
– Possibility to compound 2 Fertilizer options
– Separate, change-position particleAnimations
– True working pressure gauges
– Back attacher Configurations
– Seed boxes extensions Configurations
– Row Cleaners Configurations
– Side wing weights Configurations
– Main Wheels Configurations
– Wing Wheels Configurations
– All Realistic values
– All real placed dynamicHoses
– Flexable dynamicHoses
– 1:1 Realistic models and details
– Over 510 moveable elements
– All proper safety Lables and decals
– Proper 2012 model year frames and details
– All FS22 standards
– Fully UDIM model (PBR Textures)
– Wearable and Wahsable
– Realistic lights
– Realistic prices
– Realistic sounds
– Realistic particle animations
– High quality Speculars and Normal Maps textures

JHHG Modding

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