John Deere 4840 v 1.0

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About mod:
- Power 180 hp
- Speed 34 km/h
- Dirt / washable

Selectable Wheels:
- Older Singles w/ Hubs Wheels
- Firestone Singles w/ Hubs Wheels
- Older Hub Duals Wheels
- Firestone Hub Duals Wheels

Selectable Design:
- Regular
- Saddle Tanks


2 thoughts on “John Deere 4840 v 1.0

  • Oldiron says:
    2018-01-22 at 21:19

    Why so childish? Is it because I blocked you? Maybe because I want nothing to do with any group out there, or be a part of any server? You are officially like all of those other people, even though you claimed not to be. Congratulations, I am glad FS has officially become the atmosphere that kindergarten was. And credit is not all yours, just to let everyone else know.

    • JRD says:
      2018-01-24 at 18:04

      First of all Andrew, I did not put that mod out publicly, some idiot from our server joined simply to leak mods. Second of all I don’t really give a damn how you feel about it as you have already put everything that has been leaked out twice before so get over yourself!

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