John Deere 7810 v 2.0

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About mod:
- Engine Setup: 130 hp, 140 hp, 150 hp, 155 hp, 170 hp, 175 hp
- Frontloader Attacher
- Selectable Wheels
- Selectable Wheels Brand
- Selectable Configuration
- Selectable Engine Sound
- Selectable Honk
- Selectable Normal Beacon Lights
- Selectable LED Beacon Lights
- Selectable Front License Plate
- Selectable Back License Plate
- Selectable Starfire GPS
- Selectable Air Horn
- Selectable Warning Signs
- Selectable Speed Stickers
- Selectable Terminals
- Selectable Steering Knob
- Selectable Hidraulics Control
- Selectable Wireless Radio

Price 96200 €

Version 2.0:
* Animated Ignition Key
* Animated Windshield Wipers
* Fixed Pedals, because they are bunched together
* Interior Lighting with the Door open
* Animated Door Handle
* Animated Handle on the Rear Window
* Animated Lever for the Steering Console
* Sounds when opening / closing the Door & Rear Window
* Animated Sunvisor
* No Volume change when opening / closing the Warning Signs fixed
* Seatcam
* Reversing Light
* Modern Direction Indicators
* License Plate Holder for the License Plate on the 'Exhaust'
* Adapted Hubs for the Care Tires
* Changetitle 'Max's 7810 v2' also for the Frontloader
* Matching Frontloader JD 643 with Hose System
* Red Rims removed
* Control Light Rotating Beacon permanently visible
* Position of License Plate Washer adapted to the original '7810 Diaries'
* Frontloader Lever only with a Frontloader Configuration
* .zip Archive clearer and redesigned
* Adjusted Weight change including all Attachments
* AutoRotateBackSped adjusted for all Bikes
* Adjusted Consumption of all Engines
* RealMotorDataBase for all Engines
* Adjusted Differentials

Agrardani, Lance[DeAL], PeterAH, ifko[nator], Gamer8250, Kramer14, Max's

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