John Deere 8000 Final Pack v 3.0

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About mod:
List of all changes:
– For better optimization, there is no mess in zip file
– Many texture changes
– All engine versions available (From 8100i to 8800i)
– Engine decals are fixed!
– New fixed engine power, up to 843 HP
– Added Crawler Configuration: 600DT Deluxe Tracks and 36inch Tracks
– Added front Twin Wheels
– Back rims Corrected
– All JD PickUp Versions to choose: 639, 649, 659
– Added Dynamic Exhaust
– Threshing Sound Update
– New Joystick Script
– New IC Buttons
– Fron Warning on IC Buttons
– RDA in wheels on IC Buttons
– Added Passenger Script
– All cutters have corrected attacher
– Pipe changes
– Cab scale changes
– New store pictures, price and many other

Most Sinister, Marthu

3 thoughts on “John Deere 8000 Final Pack v 3.0

  • Randy says:
    2017-09-04 at 13:31

    A small box appears says Blank Page when I hit Free Download. I feel this is no longer a safe site to get mods. Several times I tried to get mods here and a virus alert came up. Until this is a safe place to get mods, I will move on and try to find a safe place, if there is any,

    • Jon says:
      2017-10-15 at 22:38

      Then you should get AdBlocker for Google Chrome.

  • samething says:
    2018-03-30 at 13:57

    this site is fine. any site that doesnt have a secure next to the address are the ones you shouldnt trust. im not owner or a supporter of this site. i really dont care about this site. but i dont like when morons make false statements about a website or a company or person so on.

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