John Deere 9030 Series v 1.0

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About mod:
- New textures
- New specmap
- New normal map
- Dynamic Hoses
- Dynamic Tires
- 41 wheels configurations (Tracks, Floaters, Wide & Row Crop)
- Properly tireTracks for all tire sizes with collisions!
- 5 motor configurations
- 2 Spec configurations ( European & Americanized )
- 2 Lights options
- 3 Exhaust configurations (Normal black, Rain Cap and Straight Pipe)
- 3 weights options (bracket, light and heavy)
- Real weight of weights!
- Different weights models for EU and US version!
- Optional back lights
- New interior with proper details
- Hud and Greenstar!
- Mirriors
- New custom sounds!
- Fan with animation - New grill
- New lights - New hood
- New, better back section with attacher and new AO
- Real values in xml
- Error free!
- Cleared and reduced file
- Attacher joints for tanks (Big John and Helicopter tanks)
- Reverse lights
- New windows with specmap
- New black parts (model was remade in blender)
- New Mirriors model
- LSW Goodyear 1400 Floaters (custom speculars) in options with hubs/weights!
- Europen warning signs with scripted lights (optional)
- Custom-sized Right beacon with support (optional)
- Decals for all Engine configurations (9230,9330,9430,9530 and 9630)
- ATI Tracks System - optional Tracks with proper model and custom speculars (black & JD yellow)
- Articulated axis (dynamic)
- New details in cab

JHHG Modding

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