John Deere 9RT 2014 v 1.0

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About mod:
- Engine Setup: 460 hp, 486 hp, 510 hp, 539 hp, 560 hp, 591 hp
- Selectable Design
- Selectable 3-Point Hitch
- Selectable Country
- Selectable Wheel Weights
- IC Control
- Washable

Custom Modding

3 thoughts on “John Deere 9RT 2014 v 1.0

  • Respect for Modders says:
    2018-11-07 at 10:54

    SO this looks like a reupload of an old version from custom Modding (which is currently on version 2.0) so don’t bother downloading it just get the original one from the original Modder. Don’t know whats been done to it. I see the credit is given but its actually on version 2 not 1 so yah

  • Stephan Beran says:
    2018-11-09 at 18:56

    moveable tracks via mousecontrol, it´s an official release from us! don´t talk shit when you don´t know!

    • Respect for Modders says:
      2018-11-12 at 11:59

      On a site that has stolen Mods so yeah I don’t believe that Stephan and no need to get abusive about it and be a grieferish. And how do I know you are the owner of the mod you could be anyone so think before you speak idiot

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