John Deere DB120 48 Row 30 v

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About mod:

– Selectable Capacity: 3524 – 4404 liters
– Working width 36.5 meters
– Working speed 15 km/h
– Realistic Vacuum Air Blower Sounds
– Realistic Folding Animations
– Realistic Speed of Folding Animations
– Configurable no Till with Row Cleaners
– Configurable Liquid Fertilizer
– Separate, change Position Particle Animations
– True working Pressure Gauges
– Tanks Configurations
– Wheels Configurations
– Wheels Brands Configurations
– Work Lights Configurations
– Starfire GPS Configurations
– Rear Attachment Configurations
– Row Cleaners Configurations
– Wing Wheels Configurations
– Liquid Fertilizer Set Configurations
– Wheels Wing Covers Configurations
– Rear Vacuum Air Blower Configurations
– Liquid Fertilizer Hose for Liquid Carts compound with Liquid Fertilizer Set and Rear Attachment
– All Realistic Values
– All Real placed Dynamic Hoses
– Flexable Dynamic Hoses
– 1:1 Realistic Models and Details
– Over 1300 moveable Elements
– All proper safety Lables and Decals
– Proper 2012 Model Year Frames and Details
– All FS19 Standards
– Fully UDIM Model (PBR Textures)
– Wearable and Washable
– Realistic Lights
– Realistic Prices
– Realistic Sounds
– Realistic Particle Animations
– High Quality Speculars and Normal Maps Textures

Price 345000 €

* Unverferth Conveyor Configuration for Refill
* New Realistic Open Cover Animations
* More Realistic Dirt Textures
* Bug fixes

JHHG Modding

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