John Deere STS 60 & 70 Series v 2.0

FS19 mods

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About mod:
- All FS19 Standards
- First combine vehicleType with custom specializations (tested with CoursPlay)
- Very detalied model (lot of new details and changes)
- Improved model
- 100% UDIM (PBR Textures)
- Realistic wearable and dirt
- Realistic lights
- Turn on Animation on Monitors
- All realistic Dashboard Animations
- Lot of interior Details
- Real Values only
- Greenstar + Starfire3000 Configurations
- Scripted all moving parts and hydraulic cylinders
- All 60 & 70 Series Motor Configurations (10 Configurations)
- 9 Grain Tank Extension Configurations
- 3 Chopper Table Configurations
- 3 Auger Pipe Configurations
- 2 Tire brand Configurations
- 5 Exhaust Configurations
- 20 wheels Configurations
- 6 Number Configurations
- 6 Interior design Configurations
- Oversize Sign Configuration
- True wheels sizes and Row Crop spacing
- New Interior
- Differences between 60 & 70 Series (Interior, Seats, bottom Grain Tank deepth, Beacon Lights, xml values: capacity, price, mass etc, Monitors, Panels, Joysticks, Decals, Gear shifters and more)
- All new Particles (pipe effects, chopper effects, tank smoke etc)
- Scripted all dynamic parts in cab (Pedals, Joysticks, GearShifters etc)
- Reduced file to maximum (60 MB from 119 MB)
- HD quality Decals
- Dynamic player Rot

SiiD Modding

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