Kerosinovka Map v 1.0.1

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About mod:
Classic Russian Map with landscapes of the rural hinterland. It accurately reflects the rural terrain and many industries. Developers started doing Kerosinovka in 2016, finished in 2018. For two long years, tirelessly, the modders Uncle Gena and Cheburashka created the unique atmosphere of the village of Kerosene. And they offer you to plunge into it right now.

- The streets and houses on the map are numbered
- Many different objects, including unique ones: stoker, greenhouses, growing, carrots, lettuce, horseradish
- Mud scripts
- All major animals are present (animated)
- Railway Tracks, there are a couple of ponds
- In the Village "Kerosene" there is a disco
- In the evening, the light is on everywhere

Uncle Gena, Cheburashka, Evgeny Lesnikov

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