Kirovets K-700A v

FS19 mods

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About mod:
- Engine Setup: 235 hp, 250 hp, 300 hp, 360 hp, 400 hp
- Selectable Wheels
- Selectable Safety Cage
- Selectable Additional Lighting
- Selectable External Tuning
- Selectable Internal Tuning
- Selectable Cab Color
- Selectable Safety Cage Color
- Selectable Decal Color
- Selectable Front Grill Color
- Selectable Rim Color
- Choice of Color

Price 78000 €

* New Decals
* Reworked the work of lighting in the Tractor (added light in the cabin)
* Altered normal map on the Hydraulic Tank
* Added a fan to the interior tuning with its own animation
* Slightly expanded the choice of interior tuning
* Improved 3d model of the Tractor Interior
* Fixed tracks on wide tires, now leave the correct size from the tires
* Added a new sound to the vent on the K 701
* Changed the name of the archive that would Kirovets who mod hub did not request an update
* Change in modDesc: added a full description for configurations in the store, fixed errors with translation into foreign languages (en, de), fully translated information about the Tractor in the store to all supported languages of the game
* Change in xml: Changed blocks “consumerConfigurations” “motorConfigurations” “movingTools” “fillUnitConfigurations”

SFM-modding, ERLAN10, Dimax, RA $ $ El, Igoryan, Sergey Danilenkov, Northern_strike, Mas, Alukha74rus, TIMERZYANOV102, Andy Wertlieb

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