Klingenbach Map v 1.4

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About mod:
Version 1.4:
* Dealer space enlarged to the rear, large vehicles and equipment are spawned behind
* Position of the plants refined (wheat, barley, rape, ....) are more in rank and file
* Mais texture exchanged and plants also realigned
* Field paths at the entrance to the farm from field 1 & 2 and removed replaced by asphalted roads
* Farm silo system installed in the large hall at the farm (storage for all crops, plus lime, compost and pig feed)
* Grain storage hall at the yard removed and Durchfahrhalle installed with adjoining feed mixing hall
* Libra moved backwards and replaced with the visually beautiful model
* Traunsteinersilos removed and replaced with 1 outdoor silo
* Shed replaced at the yard opposite the hall for another model
* Own feed mixing hall with the heap system created by Giants (gabs so never in this way on a map)
* Straw, grass and silage can be bought at the land trade (description on sign has been adjusted)

skydiver2103 [FBM Team]

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