Krebach Map v

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About mod:
* Straw bales can now also be introduced to the cows
* The waste from the feeders in the cows and pigs is now crap
* Fixed triggers on the shop and tank trigger on the yard
* Better Texture for rye
* The white chickens no longer have the strong urge to multiply
* The propagation grass or grass seed cultivation is brought into the soil with a seeder and harvested with a combine harvester
* As a crop you get grass seeds (for sale), grass is deposited as a swath that can either be fed or used as a grass silage
* Furthermore, it is also possible to turn the grass-wool for the production of hay
* The grass grows again as far as one does not work the field after harvesting (equal to the sugar cane)

BernieSCS, Raptor5, pAre, Landmensch, Mappers Paradise, RWModding, Barbicha, forgotten plants

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