Krone Big L500 v 1.0

FS17 mods

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About mod:
- Power 620 hp
- Speed 35 km/h
- Washable

Giants, usxi7sd, Jaison, CarolinaBoy, Winston9587, Eagle355th

One thought on “Krone Big L500 v 1.0

  • Phoenix Moore says:
    2017-07-24 at 23:02

    This is one of those extreemly rare occasions where I will take a chance with a unit that has a less then 4 star rating. I was pleasantly surprised, even with the few minor bugs it has, it is still quite an effective machine. It has a mobility glitch after reaching a full bin, but can be made to operate with a little bit of button pushing.
    To the author: Give this beast a little TLC and it would easily be a 5-star favorite, even as it is IMHO it still out shines the IH 34000! Good Job!

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