Kyffhauser Map v 1.1

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About mod:
Version 1.1:
* Buyable properties for a total of more than € 15million
* Butchery: as a product there are meat pallets
* Pallet Warehouse: here you can store all the pallets that are on the card and wait for a good price to sell them
* 2x KünzelGrainMaster: stand in the pigsty for the production of cereal meal. Silo for storing wheat stands in front of the pigsty. Production has been adjusted
* LiquidFertilizerMaster: stands on the farm, producing the liquid fertilizer from water and fertilizer. Liquid fertilizer storage is also available at the farm
* At Tierhof a shelter + a filling station was placed. Silage silo for the cows was exchanged. Silo capacity for compound feed, porridge and pig feed has been increased
* Grass was removed from the intersection at CompostMaster to place the hall from the Straw Recovery Add-On, but first the trees have to be removed first
* BGA silos have been redesigned
* GMK Mod was installed, lime is available at the garden center to buy and at the farm there is a lumber warehouse
* Map was prepared for Season Mod
* Map was prepared for the tube system (function in the cows, pigs and at the BGA)
* Map was prepared for the Farming tablet
* Map has been prepared for the mCompanyGraphic Mod (Graphicmod for purchasable objects and productions)
* Here and there were also some blemishes eliminated. Productions have been adjusted. Railway tracks were lowered. The night was brightened. Field mission progress is now displayed. Dispaly am Hof ​​was expanded for lime and liquid fertilizer

Blacksheep, RC-Devil, Kevink98, Marhu, Blacky_BPG, GMCW, LS_Landtechnik, Fatian, Niggels, Kastor

One thought on “Kyffhauser Map v 1.1

  • MIke says:
    2018-01-27 at 23:53

    Well, not everyone speaks German…

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