La Mancha Map v 1.0

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About mod:
La Mancha is a Map that contains the original cultures of the game, with some modifications like capacity of the silos and the size of the Map.


2 thoughts on “La Mancha Map v 1.0

  • Paco says:
    2018-05-16 at 17:33

    In my opinion, one the BEST map. It’s a huge map (4 411 Ha) Good job. Thanks man

  • Turner says:
    2018-07-29 at 18:33

    This map really is huge. Hopefully the owner/maker of this map sees this. At the Biogas, I can’t just unload my grass there. No matter what trailer I use I don’t get the option to unload. It’s the “forced” unload here option. This makes it harder to compact the stuff to then cover it to ferment it. Also have a problem behind the animal area in that field. Grew grass there and when I cut it, it stops leaving the grass clippings in a trail and then all of a sudden there is a small mountain of grass. I thought it was the “extra straw” mod but uninstalled that and it’s still happening. If you could fix the Biogas though that would be awesome. Like I said, doesn’t seem to be a trigger for unloading at the Biogas.

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