Lawfolds, Aberdeenshire Map v 1.3

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About mod:

– Three Working Farms, two which have independent Grain Silos. Three Forestry Areas around the map
– Three Different Sell Points (Aberdeen Grains, Highland Grains and Aberdeen Northern Marts Group) for the various crops
– High Capacity Storage at Highland Grains so you can store those crops waiting for the right price, but it will cost to use the facility
– Prices have been increased slightly higher than base game. Missions on all fields not owned, to help get those prices down
– Please be aware all hedges, fences and walls have collisions, however there are sizeable grass headlands around the fields to help those workers out
– Seed and Fertiliser points on the Farms and at two sell points, as well as storage for the pallets on the farms for those who prefer to use them
– Animated Gates and Lights to most of the Farm Buildings. Automatic Lights at the sell points
– Chopped Straw Installed (PC Only)


One thought on “Lawfolds, Aberdeenshire Map v 1.3

  • Robert says:
    2017-11-02 at 21:29

    Just started playing this, great map I’m really enjoying it. the only problem I have found is, I’ve noticed that the cows sometimes walk in mid air. Is it possible this can be sorted out please.

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