Le Risaie Del Nord Map v 1.1

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About mod:
- This Map is inspired by an Area of ​​the Pianura Padana, between the PO river and the Sesia River from which many Farmers draw to flood their Rice Fields (called Risaie)
- There are some areas mainly used for forestry activity
- The choice of using an area as a paddy field or for forestry varies in relation to the climatic characteristics of the moment and the presence of irrigated resources
- The Map consists of 55 Fields, 38 of which are floodable for Rice cultivation
- There are waterways with relative locks to regulate the flooding of the Fields
- The Size of the Fields varies from a minimum of 1.23 hectares to a maximum of 7.23 hectares
- It is possible to produce corn mash to Feed Pigs or for the sale of the same using the special forage harvester (necessary pack forage harvester)
- In addition to the classic crops, excluding sugar cane, there are: sorghum, protein pea, alfalfa, rice
- 3 different bunker silo are available as positionable in the classic version, for the production of compost and for the production of corn mash
- To produce the corn mash, the corn must be harvested with a special forage harvesters, deposited in a special trench (available among the placeable), compacted and covered, just like silage

Version 1.1:
* Correct Yield of Alfalfa
* Enlarged Farm Gates
* Reduced Height of Field Borders (only visible with New Savegame)
* Added ability to Chop Corn Stalks
* Added missing Bridge on the Road near the Riseria Italia

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