Les Deux Charentes Map v 2.0

FS19 mods

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About mod:
- 260 Fields
- 9 Forests
- 20 Points of Sale
- 2 Villages with a Lake to collect Water for Your Animals
- 5 Farms and 1 Location for a Business or Cuma to use the Land as You wish
- No Basic Farm on the Map to Your Imagination to create the most beautiful Farm and above all a Farm to Your liking
- 2 Areas to place Your BGA or other Plant
- 2 Service Stations 1 in each City
- Manure or Beet or Potato Storage Areas at the edge of Fields near the Second Town
- Not currently intended for Wood but sale of Woodchips possible
- Global Companion compatible
- Precision Farming compatible

Version 2.0:
* Correction of Trees, Lamp Posts and Flying Objects
* Modification of denser Forests and revised Soil
* Modification of Farm Textures
* Addition of New Point of Sale
* Added Panel for Hourly Co-ops
* Revisits the Decoration of the Map
* Added Traffic
* Addition of Plane and Montgolfier
* Addition of PNJ in the Towns this walking
* Addition of Field Missions
* Revisit the PDA and Map Loading Image
* Addition of Alfalfa Bunches, Alfalfa Hay and Clover
* Addition of 14 Crops: Clover, Alfalfa, Millet, Tobacco, Poppy, Hops, Carrot, Salad, Strawberry, Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Onion, Rye, Sorghum


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