Lizard Re-Usable Pallets v 1.0

FS19 mods

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About mod:
- New Lizard Clear Pallets with Option for all Pallets to switch between white, clear and tinted Plastic
- All Pallets are re-useable and will remain once emptied, sell in the store to remove from Your Farm
- Purchase all pallets for 200 €, empty Pallets can be picked up and moved around
- Standard 2200 liters and Bulk 4500 liters Sizes for Bulk Dry Goods and Liquid Pallets
- Liquid Pallets for Certain Fill Types come with 50 liters, so You can see the Color, all Liquids is White
- Refill Pallets using a Pallet Fork, Bulk Dry Good Pallets can also be filled from the Top
- Egg Pallet with 4800 liters capacity, place in Egg Spawn Point or add loose Egg Boxes to the Pallet to fill
- Wool Pallet with 2250 liters capacity, place in Wool Spawn Point or add Wool Pallets to fill
- All Pallets have working Animations and Tension Belts


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