Lizard Roadrunner + v

FS19 mods

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About mod:
- Engine Setup: 790 hp, 950 hp, 1800 hp
- Speed 120 km/h
- Selectable Wheels
- Selectable Wheels Brand
- Selectable Fenders
- Selectable Attachers
- Selectable Decals
- Selectable Design Color
- Selectable Rim Color
- Choice of Color

Price 179000 €

* Replaced broken wipers with properly sized ones that can do a full 90 degree stroke for better vision
* Updated engine sounds. Now has compression braking sound, and gear shifting sounds
* Added twin wheel options for all wheel brands
* Animated gear stick and clutch pedal to go with new sounds
* Falsified tachometer to match virtual gear shifts
* Adjusted fifth wheel rotation limits to accomodate steep sell points, like Ravenport Central Grain Elevator, so trailer or truck aren't left with all wheels in the air
* Adjusted position of decals to avoid shimmering at distance (game unable to decide which texture is in front)
* Tweaked suspension for more stability at high speeds
* Reduced triangle count by 6%
* Remove duplicated dash guages from left side


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