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About mod:
The Lizard Sadie is the compact cleaner for your animal feed spill cleanup needs. The convenient front pickup allows you to pick up feed spills directly from the ground, and store them in the rear tub. Unloading is easy with left, right, and rear unload options, so you can easily return the feed to the trough, or store it for later use. Sadie will happily pick up grass, silage, and pig food.
A small upgrade to Sadie will turn her into a feed delivery system, so you can easily store your TMR, pig food, grass, or whatever you're feeding your animals, and deliver it directly to the trough through the convenient side unloading.
Void the warranty by removing the pickup discerning safety chip, and Sadie will pick up all bulk materials.

- Power 175 hp
- Capacity 25000 liters
- Selectable Wheels
- Selectable Wheels Brand
- Selectable Cover
- Selectable Tub Decals
- Selectable Fill Configuration
- Selectable Design Color
- Selectable Rim Color
- Choice of Color

Price 142000 €

* Steering Wheel is now easier to turn (at all)
* Brake and Accelerator Pedals have more Travel when pressed
* Added Wheat to Animal Group


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