Lumberjack v 1.2

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About mod:
This Mod adds some Quality of life Improvements to make clearing Trees with a Chainsaw a little bit easier, but still retains enough realism to deserve the payment for selling the Wood

- Targeting Marker to identify Chainsaw Aim Point at all Times
- Easily destroy small Pieces of Wood, similar to removing superfical Branches
- 2x faster Chainsaw Cutting
- 2x increased Chainsaw Range
- 2x increased Object Pick Up Range
- Cut Trees anywhere on the Map, even on Land that cannot be purchased (like the Shop)
- Display Mass of viewed Objects in F1 Menu
- Toggle 'super-strength' using ALT and increase Brightness of targeting overlay to indicate when active
- Super Strength is adaptive (5x held Object Mass)
- Works in Multiplayer

Version 1.2:
* Added Stump grinding ability for Chainsaw


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