Manure Pack v 3.0

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About mod:
Version 3.0:
* Telescope axis programmed as a separate script, thus no folding and lowering (folding and lowering) of the barrel. More necessary. Now it is also possible to use a retracted telescopic axle
* Tec axis can now be bought for all spreading barrel
* Suction arm of the Veenhuis barrels can now also be bought
* Buyable suction arm for the three Kotte feeder
* Docking station for manure pits
* Field edge containers can now also be used as a docking station. Place the container in the Gülletrigger at the manure pit
* Frontdock is added. There are two variants. One only to open up and one that you turn with mouse control up / down and in / out

Giants monteur1 Bjohn(Rohr Carrier)

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