Mecklenburg Vorpommern Map v

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About mod:

* Vehicles can now be sold at the dealer and in the workshops (farm and village)
* AI tractor parking deactivated
* Number of cows increased to 500, capacities for liquid manure, milk, water, straw adjusted accordingly
* Ball trigger installed in the cowshed, now it is possible to intersperse with round bales and square bales. Functional in the left stable and the middle one
* Fixed floating house near church
* Adjusted pasture gate on the cow yard
* Lattice at the mountains hall on main courtyard protruded in the gate when opened
* Ground texture adjusted for the BGA
* Liquid manure tarpaulin from the basin of the BGA now also functional
* Fixed lamps in various halls (also lit up during the day)
* Snow mask renewed (snow was partly in many halls / shelters)
* Removed collision in a mountain hall in the main courtyard

DtP Mario, DtP Thomas

One thought on “Mecklenburg Vorpommern Map v

  • Sebastian says:
    2022-04-21 at 12:23

    Nie mogę otwierać bram i drzwi od garaży

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