Mecklenburg Vorpommern Map v 1.0

FS22 mods

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About mod:

– The grass has been completely redrawn throughout the map
– Fields have been adjusted
– Textures on buildings have been improved
– Buildings were partly replaced or even made functional
– All placeables have been reimplemented and adjusted
– The folder structure has been adjusted
– Various textures that were no longer needed have been removed
– TipColisions have been recreated
– Trees have been completely replaced and scaled for the most part (1 1 1)
– Splines were relaid and adjusted
– The speed cameras have been adapted for the LS22
– At Getreide AG you can start a “trial engraver” which has no effect on the game (serves only for realism)
– On the main courtyard [tt]MUST[/tt] you fold down the gallows so that you can fill your syringe (see pictures with the Dammann syringe)
– In all manure pits and lagoons, the tarpaulins move visibly with the fill level
– The speed cameras on the map work
– Ground angles increased to 32
– The gates in the main courtyard have been given rotating beacons, which rotate when the gates are opened and closed
– A large lake was created at the main courtyard in the direction of the school
– Added lime and fertilizer to buy in the port
– Added seed production and liquid fertilizer production between field 22 and field 10 (where the liquid manure lagoon is)

An overview of the fields and their hectares:

Field 1: 3,227 ha
Field 2: 18,063 ha
Field 3: 61,675 ha
Field 4: 26,601 ha
Field 5: 24,668 ha
Field 6: 49,032 ha
Field 7: 31,283 ha
Field 8: 57,717 ha
Field 9: 74,634 ha
Field 10: 91,077 ha
Field 11: 17,583 ha
Field 12: 61,616 ha
Field 13: 36,887 ha
Field 14: 35,649 ha
Field 15: 82,684 ha
Field 16: 6,304 ha
Field 17: 12,561 ha
Field 18: 6,461 ha
Field 19: 41,548 ha
Field 20: 21,395 ha
Field 21: 29,094 ha
Field 22: 83,233 ha
Field 23: 13,149 ha

DtP Mario, DtP Thomas

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