Michurin Map v 4.2

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About mod:
The Map was created according to the real terrain, the village is in Ukraine.

- The map is based on a real territory
- There are factories for the production of oil, fabric, digestate, seeds, fertilizers and fish caviar
- There is a boiler room, a dryer, storage rooms for grain and straw, fish farming and so on.
- On the fish farm, the trigger of maize is turned in the other direction, so that the direction of discharge is one way
- Fixed the texture of the barrel with oil (was without textures, white)
- The demand for pallets in greenhouses and chipboard has been reduced (the chipboard capacity has been increased)
- Increased the speed of production of pallets and boards in the sawmill
- Reduced fuel consumption on the composter
- Fixed water triggers on the greenhouses, now you can fill up any barrel
- Most of the plants have removed the need for pallets
- At the meat processing plant, the need for soy is added
- Added: signs on the production of oil
- The Map now shows the point of storage of grain
- Added sounds of nature

Krucheniuk Petro

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