Minibrunn Map v 2.2

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About mod:
Version 2.2:
* Pre-built farm now on all difficulty levels (can be sold completely)
* Curbs and fences on the courtyard can now be sold (but they cant be rebought)
* Fixed wrong road markings
* New Balloon Texture added
* Fixed floating objects at the machine dealer
* Removed sugarcane stains from the farm (only active with new game, otherwise just paint over with landscaping)
* Position of the shop icon moved into the building
* Fixed decoration tree trunks roll onto the street
* Repainted some of the buildings
* Fixed problems with the water at the pond (PS4)
* Removed all unnecessary cameras from the map
* Minor cosmetic fixes
* Seasons: added settings for consoles
* Seasons: fixed missing snow on the rock at the BGA
* Seasons: added snowmen
* Seasons: added some snow roofs
* Seasons: snowmask revised (only active with new game)
* Seasons: fixed season masking for some objects


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