Mining & Construction Economy Map v 0.7

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About mod:
Version 0.7:
* Seasons mod ready
* Giants Platinum version ready (have sugarcane)
* Change the 3ª railroad (now is more real, the climb to the mine is more soft)
* Added a new Mine to extract Iron and a new facility to produce Steel and can sell the Steel at the harbor

Giants, Nonnus, marhu, Blacksheep, FTmodding, Kastor, Alex, fin050808, Farmer_Andy, LsModdingTP, josetp, hugotp, Romino's, teammoddingportugal LsPrO, Hektiker, Tropy, Kevink98, Nick98.1

2 thoughts on “Mining & Construction Economy Map v 0.7

  • FarmerRody says:
    2017-12-30 at 13:37

    Congratulations!!! For the best map of the mining exploration on the FS17! I love this map since from the V 0.3, is a good and functional map, but modellers should launch more mining mods to use on these maps!

  • Stuart says:
    2018-01-05 at 18:37

    should have option to update the map but not lose everything you have done on the last version. as i dont fancy starting again.

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