Missouri River Bottoms Map v 12.0

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About mod:
Version 12.0:
* Removed the Brahmas
* Added Beef Master
* Fixed the alfalfa so you can cut and it regrows
* The Beef Master is where the Brahmas was and the angus is at the Farm on west side of Map
* Removed the Dog
* Moved the Fuel Tanks and dog pen out of shop
* Moved the sell trigger at the Case IH shop to outside and in front of Repair shop
* Fixed the sell point for fish
* Added to other stores so you will have more than 1 sell point
* Added the grazing areas for cows, Brahmas, pony, sheep and goat


2 thoughts on “Missouri River Bottoms Map v 12.0

  • jesse says:
    2019-03-22 at 17:52

    you should bring this to fs19

  • Benjamin Stroud says:
    2019-09-09 at 16:08

    still need to fix how hired workers don’t go straight when plowing soeing and seeding and spreading firtilzer

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