More Honey Pallet Place Options v 1.1

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About mod:

This mod adds few more options for your honey pallet spawn place. The main purpose is to have more than 1 pallet out at a time.

There are basically 3 different dimension options and each has an option to spawn pallets either in one layer or in 2 layers (2 pallets gets to spawn on each other, so you can carry and load 2 pallets at a time without stacking them by yourself, making the loading a bit faster and more comfortable. And also more pallets can be spawned on smaller place.)
So you have 6 options to choose from, pick what suits you and your farm the best.

List of available honey pallet places:
– 3,4m x 2,4m – up to 4 pallets, 1 layer
– 3,4m x 2,4m – up to 8 pallets, 2 layers
– 5,4m x 2,4m – up to 6 pallets, 1 layer
– 5,4m x 2,4m – up to 12 pallets, 2 layers
– 5,4m x 4,8m – up to 12 pallets, 1 layer
– 5,4m x 4,8m – up to 24 pallets, 2 layers

Version 1.1:
* Fixed error in log after 1.4 game update
* Added option for 16 or 32 pallets


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