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About mod:
– They do not drive landmakings and pretenting grin
– Real weight of the vehicle and the content
– Rolling resistance (taking into account the type of floor and wheel type and wheel width and wheel radius)
– Air resistance
– Transferefficiency
– the actual engine torque curve (although it is not very helpful with the CVT transmission, has the right RPM as an IRL)
– a real acceleration (maximum launch of launchers)
– a new CVT transmission that controls the engine speed according to the power (less energy = less revolutions per minute, engine braking = more revolutions per minute)
– no more “glue” tires with more than 2 times what we can expect, IRL (in the basic game, the 5T tractor, you can expect with more thrust than 10T tractor IRL … if not more)
– Dual, weight, wide tire cases are now in the game (for example, a larger tire = better outdoors, but not on the road)
– You must carefully select, implement / tractor set (especially if you have a “sloppy” field)
– real fuel consumption is based on the power supply (and speed, the power is supplied) (base = fuel game depends only on the “RPM” = more fuel on the road, empty, full speed or in a range with bigcultivator consume)
– Engine power is now useful to combine (no more “intelligent” use more lower head connected). The lower the yield, the easier to combine (limits are set by combining “max capacity, tempolimit header and motor power)
– Combine when unloading or using force!
– force a real brake right wheel (maximum wheel brakes of the wheel as the car)
– Avoid: As IRL trust, which is written on the tractor hood (eg NH T6.160 is not on the same level as a tractor, 160Hp)
– .. quite real tire slip (I had to make concessions to get this to a right, and so cars can easily slide sideways the act tractive force defined by the longitudinal and transverse tire caracteristics It is a limitation of the game engine)
– “the fruits of the harvest balance and the price (potatoes and turnips is more worthwhile, more no more yield for barley, maize, … change to take into account the actual figures + equipment necessary + manual / automatic work and refilling seed needed Time, lost time to empty the harvesting machine and go-kart products)
– a more realistic picture sowing density (less liters of seeds necessary to sow one hectare of rapeseed than one hectare of wheat)
– The basic game to convert vehicles must have better “off road” options in the basic game (especially for larger equipment = combine harvester or tractor with one device) -> extended “on the spring joint components”
– No endless engine braking force (you can “over speed engine with a basic game -> with not)” gentleman “, the gearbox and the engine will try to hold the vehicle, but as an IRL if you do not use the brake You drive a series of low gear avoiding accidents Wink
– Real weight and weight distribution convert the basic game vehicles
For those who want data, you can add 3 files to the “data” subfolder of moreRealistic mod folder:
– fillTypes.xml = ignore densities and price “fillTypes”
– fruitTypes.xml = off-yield, seed use rope
– TyresFrictionAndRrTable.xml = Friction and rolling resistance tire type settings Function
I forgot to say: no more “Mr. Auto-Package “and” real map “to download. About 1 zip installed and usually scripts / XML, so it’s pretty easy (less than 1 MB)
It should be MP Ready “, even though I did not really have eyes rolling tested
Note: You can play the “gentlemen” in addition to “Mr” vehicle however:
– you get a real fillType masses by “Mr.” to play and so “rather than Mr.” vehicles that do not appreciate
– Applying no mr “tractor” Mr “= implementation for the tractor can be more difficult, but since they are defeated, it should work at less speed than with non-mr implement version
– Install “Mr. Tractor” at MR = it should be fine, but “Mr.” Tractor tool can be powered (because no MR vehicle has totally unreal drifting)
Note 2: I’m not responsible if your computer explodes mod (should not, but … Anyway, “Lord,” do not mess with the Savegame file, and so you should not lose your game)
Note 3: For those who have numbers like 2: you can use the “debug” command in the console, and in the game (only if they are alone or server-side playback) to get more information about your tractor (fuel consumption, electricity, hatching , Weight, etc.)


5 thoughts on “More Realistic Mod BETA

  • trust says:
    2017-05-03 at 15:23

    imcompatible avec le mod “gear box”

  • FakeCross says:
    2017-05-04 at 13:56

    can you make compatible with gearbox addon ?

  • Ka-csa Modding says:
    2017-05-07 at 12:12


  • ZBYSZEK300 says:
    2017-05-10 at 08:34

    This bad mod works on helicopters, not fly.

  • Kaimietisx says:
    2017-11-08 at 16:32

    This mod don’t worn on new version on fs 17

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