Multimap 2018 v 1.1

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About mod:
Version 1.1:
* Horse breeding installed, need food and water, a suitable livestock trailer is included in the mod
* Water connection with the horses laid
* Traffic built in, for the time being on 3 splines
* Overview board installed in the yard
* Straw sales set up at the ball storage cow barn
* Grazing animals installed
* Koppeltore with function installed in the cow shed
* Diesel storage yard installed
* 2x diesel sales set up at gas stations
* Animals now drink water from the troughs
* GMKFC Mod installed (not fully tested yet)
* Small manual (booklet) by half made, is included in the mod
* Buy trigger field 42 offset
* Trigger labeled at sawmills. Info board attached to the procedure for unloading
* Production adjusted at all factories
* The acceptance of bales at the cow barn works now
* Stock liquid fertilizer yard labeled
* Grass tarpaulin on silage storage replaced by silage tarpaulin
* Labeling corrected at the distillery for wheat. Stand on sunflowers
* Food storage CP friendly designed by rk54
* Information panels exchanged at the player trigger in the oil mill, were the turn of the distillery
* Trees on the western side of the vegetable farm corrected, hovering in the air
* Sign main street corrected at the cigarette factory exit, hovering in the air
* Further minor optical corrections

FalPos, LF-Bauer

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