New Holland 1431/H7450 v 1.0

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About mod:

Here is the New Holland 1431/H7450 for Farming Simulator 22.
The mod has been converted and updated a lot since the official release for FS19.
The mower has the store configuration for the old 1431, new 1431 and the H7450 mower.
Ingame you can click ctrl+y to change the work mode to chose between if the mower drop wide or narrow swaths.

What has been changed from FS19:
– Added missing stickers
– Added hydrolic hoses
– Revised collision and lower animation

Known Error:
– Shape file to big.

Error is showing in the log but doesnt cause any issue in the game. Will just be declined on modhub but i dont plan to submit the mod to modhub.
Error will not be fixed

It has the same issue it had in 19 with the drawbar.
Only fix for that would imply a completly re-ingamed mower made out of skinned mesh. Will not be solved.

Trent Anderson from T & A Modding, 46Mods

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