Nicolonia DC Map v 1.9

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About mod:
- 4 Farms
- 66 Fields
- 14 meadows and more than 20 different production sites
- At all 4 farms (BGA / sheep / pigs / cows) are storage for fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, seed and fuel. Each farm also has the FarmSiloSystem (capacity 300k). A classic «standard courtyard silo» is not available.
- SlowConfigHall at each farm
- 3 Train Storages (capacity 1 million)
- SeasonModReady
- Weinberg / Winzerei / Weinstub (At the "Weinstube" you will be able to pay the income directly as soon as you have produced 4000 "wine")
- ProNaturaAG (fertilizer / liquid fertilizer / compost)
- Svapa Agro: 4x Palettenwerk / 3x Kartonfabrik / 3x Berernhäuser / Dairy / Meat processing / Wood charcoal plant / Sugar factory
- SlowSojaMilk
- Milk sale at the HoneyMoonHotel (If you pick up the milk at the cows and sell it there, you get something more like the midnight direct sale)
- Biodiesel refinery
- KastorFoodInc. (The trailers / vehicles from the pack are required for operation KastorFoodInc.)
- SlowBee. Mod needed. SlowBeePack (3 bee houses are already in place / slow_kuhl has yet to be built / the carpentry is not yet available and needs to be bought & placed - -Pets reserved near the shop, or wherever you want- by installing the joinery Really great animations are lost)
- Placebal Area (between Feld5 and field 29 there is still a snow-free area in the winter if you want something missing and want to place something)
- Honey wine production (here you can make honey wine from honey, the small barrels you can deliver in the wine shop - in the same place as the small wine barrels)

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