Nienborstel Agrartechnik Map v 1.2

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About mod:
- All Standard Farming Simulator 17 Features
- 3 genaral farms, several small storage yards and 2 Sell points
- BGA, Bio Heating Plant and Livestock Market
- Tip Collisions on every barn you can tip in
- Two main forestry areas, plus smaller woodlands for you to cut down as well as a sawmill
- All animals aviable
- Realistic hilly terrain
- The varied shape of fields and the possibility of buying fields
- Animated Gates, Doors, and extra Lights
- Optimized for Seasons Mod
- Multi Terrain
- Accurate Map PDA
- Special new sky textures and new crop textures


5 thoughts on “Nienborstel Agrartechnik Map v 1.2

  • P'tit Pierrot says:
    2018-01-27 at 11:30

    Thanks for your very good work on this beautifull map.
    But, there is a problem with 3 golden nuggets:
    The one (bitween fields 2 and22) is visible but we can’t “take” it.
    Two are not visible on ground:
    one nearby a tree in field 22.
    one wich is on the far east of the map.
    Can you help the community please?

    • Morten says:
      2018-01-29 at 03:41

      Instead of downloading the map from fucking posers that hsn’t made the map, go to farming simulator own modhub to get the real and fixed map made by Bulletbill, Coldborough park farm

  • Jorgen_021 says:
    2018-01-27 at 13:01

    Is it just me, or does this look a lot like Coldborough Park?

  • KickDownGT says:
    2018-01-27 at 15:39

    I agree with Jorgen-021, This map is Coldborough Park…

  • Philip says:
    2018-01-29 at 21:28

    this map is a rip off of Coldbrough this person did not make this map.

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