Norge Crest Valley Map 17 v 1.7

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About mod:
Version 1.7:
* Added Chopped Straw & animated animals
* New: Sojamilch production incl. New display version Ready for Dedi (former cow pasture - field 27).
* New: Liquid fertilizer production incl. Hose filling (OverloadPipe) for water, installed opposite the farm.
* New: manure storage at field 27 (former cow pasture) installed.
* New: fermenting camp at field 27 (former cow pasture) installed.
* New: fermenter separator installed at field 27 (former cow pasture).
* New: New shelter including lighting at box 27 (former cow pasture).
* New: Digital displays for the filling levels at the Hofsilo and all train stations.
* New: display panels for cattle, pigs and sheep.
* New: Farming station now with hose filling (OverloadPipe) for diesel loading.
* New: recharge trigger for the collection of milk installed at the cowshed.
* New: sales office for milk and soy milk at the NorgeCrest Pacific Grain (box 13).
* New: signs for the opening hours at the biodiesel refinery attached.
* New: updated to FabrikScript 2.1.6 (no problems with CP).
* New: unload triggers on the BGA on request slightly enlarged.
* New: Prices displayed in the PDA menu.
* New: PDA-Map updated.
* Bugfix: FactoryScript problems solved by the LS17 Patch 1.4.
* Bugfix: Hoftankstelle.


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