North Frisian March 4X Map v 2.8

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About mod:
Version 2.8:
* Residents House Number 13 PitbullCH
* House Number 68 no more Tons in the Carport Wall
* Jetty into the Water at Kurt's House Number 69
* Moving from MS 38 to 74 with Grill and Chairs
* New move 15, 21, 34, 37, 27
* The Left Grill, two Lanterns, a slide, the Wooden Tool Shed, the Red Chairs with Table, old Garbage can away, Flower Plots
* Conversion on property 29, demolished wood Shed and created a small Pond
* Laura + Jasmin moved from 23 to 58
* Road between Field 14 straightened out again
* Pallet Stacks pulled out of the Wall at the Refinery
* High Seat on Field 64 Collision

fedaction letsplay + shelly

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