North Frisian March Map v 1.8

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About mod:
Version 1.8:

* Oatmeal factory
* Switchable light in the halls at the main courtyard
* First new house texture in the village

* Designation for packaging is corrected
* Hop display brewery closer to production display
* Incorrect filling tube moved at the Raiffeisen
* Bee sound file matching size for server
* Adapted asphalt texture of the bridge driveways to the lower island
* Flying chair in the village does not fly anymore
* Mist texture revised in fertilizer production
* Changed grain texture in seed production
* Hardware store the shopping cart and the red pipes are no longer in the ground
* Many mailboxes in the village took the collision and changed to static
* Some overlapping signs deleted
* Wood trunk palette is now really accepted by the wood chipper
* FactoryName for compound feed production cattle shed
* Honigspawner unfortunately has to continue to load himself after the score has been cleared


2 thoughts on “North Frisian March Map v 1.8

  • Inkoguto says:
    2018-05-05 at 08:07

    What about the texture of cut grass in multiplayer mode

  • michael says:
    2018-05-06 at 20:08


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