North Frisian March Map v 1.9

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About mod:
Version 1.9:
* New product Flour with placeable flour factory and purchasable land area
* New product pellets with placeable pellet factory
* New sugar product with placeable factory and purchasable land area
* New production fermenter made of grass or chaff is silage
* Liquid storage with extension (water, diesel, milk, liquid fertilizer and crop protection)
* Placeable sewage treatment plant (liquid manure or digestate becomes water and compost)
* The AI ​​farmers now have typical North German names
* Fed as an AI farmer
* Channel members listing in the shop again at the newest state
* Light at the cogeneration plant
* Hofsilos extended to the new varieties
* Script improvement for better performance in all productions
* BGA sales prices for silage manure and manure reduced
* BGA bunker capacity increased
* BGA made a little more expensive
* BGA silos and triggers for fermentation residues revised
* Lime works shortened connection over the silos
* Unloading speed accelerates in diesel production
* Roofing in diesel production is now on the ground
* Pig feed production now without entry in the log file
* Bale sale trigger gardening enlarged
* Grass yield usually increases enough for missions
* Sales trigger at heating plant and pulp improved
* Silage fermentation times of all silo bunkers adjusted
* Hay drying faulty sound file deleted

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